A dream is a beautiful thing, but there’s something motivational speakers don’t tell you: A dream is also a terrifying monster that wants to eat you.
— Congratulations, Who Are You Again?
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Dreamers, Unite!

Throughout his life, Harrison failed at so many things, flailing himself at every new career path that seemed promising, until one day, after drinking perhaps too many beers and dusting off his King James Bible, he stumbled across a passage about a lonely pelican, which burst into flame inside him. In a mad blaze of holy illumination, Harrison realized his dream. He would write a funny book.

This dream transforms his life beyond all comprehension, in which he becomes a signer of autographs, a giver of interviews, and a casher of checks "worth more money than my father had ever imagined any of us might see, this side of a drug-related felony." And yet, even as he gains the world, Harrison stands to lose everything that matters most: his family, his mind, his soul. This is a no-holds-barred look at the life of every ambitious human creature, whether you want to write books or make music, start a business or start a revolution.

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The book sugarcoats nothing about the grueling parts of forgoing safety for the pursuit of a life’s calling.
— The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Like Flannery O’Connor meets Chuck Klosterman meets Seinfeld.
— Southern Living
Key humorously and tenderly mines his own life to understand why on earth anyone would want to become a writer.
— Garden & Gun
Hilarious and illuminating.
— Booklist
Key is as wise as he is funny.
— Christian Century
For all of his biting wit, Key’s love of writing is what shines through in the end.
— Kirkus Reviews

The South is a strange place, one that can’t be fit inside a movie, a place that dares you to simplify it, like a prime number, like a Bible story, like my father.
— The World's Largest Man
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How Big Is He?

Harrison Scott Key was born in Memphis, but he grew up in Mississippi, among pious, Bible-reading women and men who either shot things or got women pregnant. At the center of his world was his larger-than-life father—a hunter, a fighter, a football coach, “a man better suited to living in a remote frontier wilderness of the nineteenth century than contemporary America, with all its progressive ideas, and paved roads, and lack of armed duels. He was a great man, and he taught me many things: How to fight, how to work, how to cheat, how to pray to Jesus about it, how to kill things with guns and knives and, if necessary, with hammers.”

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Sly, heartfelt, and tirelessly hilarious, The World’s Largest Man is an unforgettable memoir and winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor, an honor won by writers like David Sedaris, Trevor Noah, Calvin Trillin, and others. Here is the universal story of a boy’s struggle to reconcile himself with an impossibly outsized role model, and a grown man’s reckoning with the father it took him a lifetime to understand.


Funny, as well as tender.
— The New York Times
A loose and rollicking compendium of stories that’s billed as a memoir but comports itself more like a killer concept album […] The reader registers chest pain, and presumes all the laughing has caused a rib to fracture. But no. One’s heart has cracked. Yet the laughter keeps coming, humor salving the hurt for reader and writer alike.
— Garden & Gun
Key’s writing, in addition to being hilarious, is also marked by a Saroyanesque big-heartedness. An emphasis on family and the struggle to be a decent person when what you really want to do is firebomb your neighbor’s house.
— Ploughshares
You don’t need to be a hunter or even a man to enjoy this exceptional memoir.
— New York Journal of Books
Smart, funny, and wildly engaging [...] Fans of memoir, personal essays, and humor writing will devour this in one sitting.
— Library Journal
Both laugh-out-loud funny and observant about the ways we become our parents while asserting ourselves, The World’s Largest Man is a wise delight.
— BookPage
Key’s talent is all his own [...] An uncommonly entertaining story replete with consistent wit and lethal weaponry.
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
This book is funny as s#&t. I am by myself laughing the really loud laugh.
— Some woman on the internet who is afraid to write curse words
Better than I thought it would be.
— My loving wife